Fifth Edition, Canadian Edition   ©2015

Macroeconomics: Canadian Edition

N. Gregory Mankiw (Harvard University) , William M. Scarth (McMaster University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-6850-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-6850-5; Format: Cloth Text, 768 pages

Balances coverage of short-run and long-run issues, giving students a richer introduction to public policy in a Canadian context

Integrates Keynesian and classical ideas to familiarize students with the importance of each approach.

Uses a variety of simple models to clarify complex concepts, because no one model can shed light on all facets of the field.

Incorporates real-world data and events through a rich and vivid variety of Canadian case studies and narrative examples, to show students the relevance of the material.