Microeconomics in Modules
Fourth Edition   ©2019

Microeconomics in Modules

Paul Krugman (City University of New York) , Robin Wells

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-8700-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-8700-1; Format: Paper Text, 544 pages

"I really enjoy using the Mods format. I felt overwhelmed covering large chapters in a week using the old textbook. Now I can cover 2-4 Mods in a week."

-Kristen Zaborski, State College of Florida

"I teach at a community college. One of my primary goals is to teach students how to learn and study so that they can be successful in future courses. Economics in Modules is the perfect textbook for my students who are new to the learning process. Economics in Modules breaks the curriculum down into bite sized pieces for students. A chapter of a "traditional" textbook can be daunting for students. However, each module in Economics in Modules is only 3 to 7 pages. It "seems" shorter to students, even if it is the same length as the material covered in other textbooks. Microeconomics in Modules allows me to cover one module per class; students know exactly what is going to be covered in each class. Since each section is broken down into digestible pieces, students learn how to study a bit each day and preview the textbook before class."

-Lindsay Amiel, Madison College

"My impression of the Mods text is that by dividing the material in modules, which are smaller than chapters, students feel the material is more manageable. This format also benefits the instructor, because it's easier to exclude a segment of a chapter this way (by excluding just one module or more). I haven't used it yet--I will start using Mods this fall. So far though, I already like to authors and I like the format. The rest seems pretty standard, so I haven't found anything I dislike."

 -Rotua Lumbantobing, Western Connecticut State University