Fourth Edition   ©2017

Microeconomics: Principles for a Changing World

Eric Chiang (Florida Atlantic University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-8667-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-8667-7; Format: Paper Text, 512 pages

Technology as a Tool for Success

Economics: Principles for a Changing World, Fourth Edition takes full advantage of the possibilities of interactive learning with customizable media options shaped by Eric Chiang’s vision for the course:

LaunchPad. The book’s online course space includes all student media (including Chiang’s author videos) plus a homework system created under the author’s direction and used in his own classes.

FlipItEcon. Developed by Eric Chiang and coauthor Jose Vasquez, and an ideal companion to the new edition, FlipItEcon is the only system designed to prepare students before class, so they become more engaged, active learners in class. Chiang is the only principles author to have also authored an online learning system.

CourseTutor. From the beginning, this text has come to students prepackaged with CourseTutor, the most comprehensive study guide in economics. For this edition, the guide is now an interactive digital resource in LaunchPad, linked to Chiang’s signature author videos.

Data Literacy

Data can be used (or misused) to support any number of stories and arguments. Eric Chiang emphasizes data literacy throughout the book, especially with the new By the Numbers infographics (with accompanying exercises), which help students read data and evaluate the economic news they encounter in daily life.

Global Perspective

Most principles texts simply seek to provide an international context for economic principles. Eric Chiang’s Around the World feature (now in every chapter) goes further, helping students recognize that people all over the world face many of the same economic problems, yet seek to solve these problems in different ways.

Seamless Connection Between the Author, the Text, and the Technology

Ordinarily with textbooks, authors write the chapters, then make decisions about art and images, then assemble a test bank and ancillaries. For Economics: Principles for a Changing World, Fourth Edition, Eric Chiang writes the text, develops the visual program, and puts together ancillary and homework resources simultaneously. These threads come together for a complete learning program, with every element integrated by the author himself.