Third Edition   ©2018

Quantitative Literacy: Thinking Between the Lines (Cloth Text)

Bruce Crauder (Oklahoma State University) , Benny Evans (Oklahoma State University) , Jerry Johnson (University of Nevada, Reno) , Alan Noell (Oklahoma State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05072-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05072-6; Format: Cloth Text, 736 pages

  • Examples are selected as much as possible for their relevance and include a clear and complete explanation that students can follow.
  • "Try It Yourself" activities follow many examples to give students an opportunity to test their understanding.
  • Exercise Sets: The tiered exercise sets are designed to help students appreciate the relevance of section topics to everyday life while testing conceptual understanding, applications, and problem solving.
    • "What Do You Think?" exercises encourage students to apply their critical thinking skills as well as their verbal and written skills.

  • "In the News" sections throughout the text contain articles gleaned from newspapers, magazines, and Internet sites to lead to discussions of mathematics as part of everyday life.
  • Key Concepts and Terms are defined in a concise and informal way, focusing on the concepts rather than dry terminology. A list of key terms precedes the chapter quiz.
  • Summaries of core concepts appear throughout each chapter to keep information fresh.
  • Calculation Tips: Tips are provided to help students avoid common errors in doing calculations.
  • "Rule of Thumb" feature provides hints on making estimates without appealing to complicated formulas for exact answers.
  • "Algebraic Spotlights" refresh the algebra skills that may be beyond the scope of a course but pertinent to the discussion.
  • "Quick Reviews" are provided at key points throughout the text.
  • Each-of-chapter Chapter Quizzes consist of a representative sample of exercises.