Second Edition   ©2017

Read, Write, Connect

A Guide to College Reading and Writing

Kathleen Green (Pasadena City College) , Amy Lawlor (City College of San Francisco)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-03596-5; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-03596-9; Format: Paper Text, 800 pages

A new feature, Model Reading Strategies, visually demonstrates possible approaches to key reading selections. One selection in each thematic unit of readings is visually annotated to demonstrate an active reading strategy such as using context clues to understand vocabulary, mapping the structure of a text, asking questions, or connecting images to text. This features gives students a foothold on more challenging readings and models a variety of ways to approach other texts they will encounter.
A new chapter, Reading Textbooks, helps students get the most out of textbook reading assignments by introducing them to pre-reading, annotating, and other strategies as well as showing them how to use common textbook features effectively. Additional sample readings from textbooks  have been incorporated into the thematic reading units, retaining their original design whenever possible.
An expanded chapter on active reading now includes strategies for reading visual texts include charts, graphs, infographics, photos, and videos.
New reading selections, all class-tested by the authors, feature topics students will want to read and write about. A new unit of readings on the theme of curiosity invites students to consider the connections between curiosity and their own learning. Other thematic units have been updated with new readings on financial literacy, fame, and public art.
Stronger coverage of grammar includes additional paragraph-editing exercises for each topic; new chapters on basic sentence components, sentence structure, and major verb errors; and expanded discussions of misplaced and dangling modifiers.
A new chapter on APA documentation, updated MLA advice, and expanded discussions of avoiding plagiarism provide stronger support for students writing source-based essays. Advice for documenting sources in MLA style has been updated in accordance with 2016 MLA guidelines.
A new Chapter Review feature promotes metacognition by prompting students to paraphrase what they’ve learned and reflect on it in their own words, in writing, at the end of each chapter.
Advice on preparing for and taking essays exams is now included in the print book.
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