Real Writing with Readings
Eighth Edition   ©2019

Real Writing with Readings

Paragraphs and Essays for College, Work, and Everyday Life

Susan Anker , Miriam Moore (Lord Fairfax Community College)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05425-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05425-0; Format: Paper Text, 608 pages

Bring writing to life for your students

Real Writing with Readings delivers a powerful message to students: Good writing skills are both attainable and essential. Concise Four Basics boxes and engaging paragraph- and essay-writing chapters present the writing process in clear, easy to follow steps. Relevant readings that resonate with students’ everyday lives are threaded throughout, with examples ranging from student papers to real workplace samples and professional essays. The Four Most Serious Errors and other sentence-level chapters cover grammar in a lively and supportive way, with plenty of opportunities for practice and application.
Susan Anker and new co-author Miriam Moore encourage students to connect what they learn with their own experiences, goals, and the needs and expectations of the larger world. The book’s real world emphasis is brought to life through Profiles in Success, which show former students in a variety of professions and how they use writing in their jobs. And Miriam Moore’s expertise in reading and ELL shine through the new edition with its expanded coverage of  reading and critical thinking skills and support for ELL students woven throughout the text, as well as in the notes for instructors.

Access to LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers can be packaged with Real Writing with Readings at no extra cost. LaunchPad Solo is a robust media package that brings together video tutorials, interactive grammar quizzes, and valuable writing instruction that gives students the practice to master the skills they need to succeed.