Third Edition   ©2017

Reconceptualizing Mathematics

for Elementary School Teachers

Judith Sowder , Larry Sowder , Susan Nickerson

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-9333-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-9333-0; Format: Paper Text, 912 pages


 NEW “Focus on SMP,” based on Standards for Mathematical Practice sections now explicitly discusses and points to places where students are engaging in the mathematical practices, and addresses one of the most difficult-to-understand aspects of the CCSS. 
• Coverage of problem solving has been expanded throughout the book. The focus on quantitative reasoning continues, but has been expanded to discuss other problem-solving strategies. New sections devoted to discussing and giving examples of problem-solving strategies have been added to each of the parts.
• New examples of student work provide contemporary examples to connect students with classroom learning.
• Updated design is brighter and more engaging for students, with more visuals added full-colored art (instead of the current 2-color art). 
• The classification and purpose of the features has been made clearer so students know their intentions. 


• Greater incorporation of mathematical models keeps with the emphasis in CCSS. The models are rectangular array/area, number line, base-ten blocks, ratio tables) into the examples, activities, and exercises, as well as line plots (or dot plots).
• A rewrite of Chapter 3 now explicitly discusses problem types of CGI and Common Core.
• Chapter 6 now discusses the progression of fraction development in the Standards.
• Part II begins with a focus on early algebra—children's algebraic thinking. 

  •  Chapter 12 has significant changes in line with the new focus on early algebra.
  •  More examples in the treatment of graphing in Chapters 13 and 14. 
  •  Chapter 20’s discussion of Transformation ties more tightly to Common Core. 

• Part III has been elaborated in many ways, including more (non-) examples and richer treatment of Pythagorean theorem, and more references to dynamic geometry software.

• Part IV data sets and examples were updated.

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