Rules for Writers
Ninth Edition   ©2019

Rules for Writers

Diana Hacker (late of Prince George's Community College) , Nancy Sommers (Harvard University)  

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05742-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05742-8; Format: Spiral Bound, 656 pages

New help designed for beginning academic writers. For students just beginning to write with sources and develop an academic voice, the ninth edition offers stronger, more useful advice.

    • New sentence guides help students with the most basic academic scenario: presenting and responding to the views of others. Fill-in sentence starters provide useful models for participating in academic discourse and writing research papers (see 55c).
    • New coverage guides students as they learn how to detect fake and misleading news as they search for sources (see 52c).
    • Four new “Writing for an audience” boxes help students keep their readers in mind as they make decisions about how to develop their ideas (see 50b for one example).
    • Revised advice on paraphrasing and on using sources responsibly develop good academic citizenship among beginning college writers.

A more practical how-to approach. New step-by-step instruction helps students apply writing advice and transfer skills to different kinds of writing assignments. Fifteen new How-to pages deliver the straightforward help that instructors and students want — how to write a stronger thesis, go beyond a Google search, give better peer review comments, and more.
Now even easier to navigate. Based on usability research with students from two- and four-year colleges, new changes make the handbook more accessible: A new How to use this book page orients students to five paths for quick help; a new scavenger hunt offers a useful activity-based introduction to the book; and menus, contents, and lists of citation models are in more accessible locations.
Engaging video tutorials that support common writing assignments. Twenty-four new video tutorials support students as they learn difficult academic concepts. These tools combine brief, lively videos with scorable practice items to help students with common first-year writing assignments (argument, analysis, and annotated bibliography) and with using MLA and APA style.
A new supplemental workbook for students in paired / co-requisite sections. A Student’s Companion to Hacker Handbooks, designed specifically to help under-prepared students succeed in their first year writing course, provides activities and strategies to help students practice the skills and habits they need to be successful academic writers. The text includes coverage of important college success strategies including time management and planning. A variety of activities and templates help students improve their reading and writing performance; graphic organizers help visual learners; exercises for thesis statements and topic sentences help writers with little academic writing experience; and grammar and research exercises help strengthen students work at the sentence level. Available in print workbook format or online within LaunchPad Solo.