First Edition   ©2019

SaplingPlus for Interactive General Chemistry (Multi-Term Access)

Macmillan Learning

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-27572-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-27572-3; Format: Sapling Plus

Meeting Students where they are.
Chemistry for the way students learn.

Whether a student’s learning path starts with problem solving or with reading, Interactive General Chemistry delivers the learning experience he or she needs to succeed in general chemistry. Built from the ground up as a digital learning program, Interactive General Chemistry combines the Sapling Learning homework platform with a robust e-book with seamlessly embedded, multimedia-rich learning resources. This flexible learning environment helps students effectively and efficiently tackle chemistry concepts and problem solving.

Student-centered development
In addition to Macmillan's standard rigorous peer review process, student involvement was critical to the development and design of Interactive General Chemistry. Using extensive research on student study behavior and data collection on the resources and tools that most effectively promote understanding, we crafted this complete course solution to intentionally embrace the way that students learn.

Digital-first experience
Interactive General Chemistry was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the digital learning environment. High-quality multimedia resources—including Sapling interactives, PhET simulations, and new whiteboard videos by Tyler DeWitt—are seamlessly integrated into a streamlined, uncluttered e-book. Embedded links provide easy and efficient navigation, enabling students to link to review material and definitions as needed.

Problems drive purposeful study
Our research into students' study behavior showed that students learn best by doing—so with Interactive General Chemistry, homework problems are designed to be a front door for learning. Expanding upon the acclaimed Sapling homework—where every problem contains hints, targeted feedback, and detailed step-by-step solutions—embedded resources link problems directly to the multimedia-rich e-book, providing just-in-time support at the section and chapter level.