Third Edition   ©2018

Scientific American Biology for a Changing World

Michele Shuster , Janet Vigna , Matthew Tontonoz

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05057-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05057-3; Format: Paper Text, 688 pages

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Expanded media program

• Selected questions from the End-of-Chapter materials (written by Michele Shuster) are now assignable in Launchpad, including Interpreting Data activities that ask students to analyze data in tables, charts, or graphs and draw their own conclusions about their meaning

• Active Learning Lesson Plans for every chapter include PowerPoint slides, clicker questions, and student worksheets

• Scientific American content (including articles, podcasts, and videos) integrated into assignable activities for every chapter

• All media content is now tagged to Blooms, Driving Questions, and Learning Objectives

Enhanced plant & diversity coverage

• New two-chapter plant unit:

• Plant Growth & Reproduction (new chapter)

• Plant Physiology (new to the "without Physiology" version)

Each unit features at least one Milestone highlight of an historical important discovery. New to this edition:

• Shaking the Tree: A revised view of eukaryotic diversity may be the key to tackling deadly diseases

New Chapter Stories

• The Sitting Disease: Understanding the causes and consequences of obesity

(Ch. 6, Dietary Energy)

• Bulletproof: Scientists hope to spin spider silk into the next indestructible super-fiber (Ch. 8, Genes to Proteins)

• Can rubber save the rainforest? A small state in Brazil aims to find out. (Ch. 18, Eukaryotic Diversity)

• Plants 2.0: Is genetic engineering the solution to world hunger? (Ch. 24, Plant Growth & Reproduction)

New Infographic Question

  • Each Infographic now includes a thought-provoking question at the end to reinforce the science in the student’s mind