Fourth Edition   ©2017

Speak Up!

An Illustrated Guide to Public Speaking

Douglas M. Fraleigh (California State University, Fresno) , Joseph S. Tuman (San Francisco State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-03065-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-03065-0; Format: Paper Text, 768 pages

“I will use it forever. I shill it to anyone who will listen… It has a deep and competent understanding of speaking as audience-centered rhetoric, and it practices what it preaches -- its illustrations make it the best piece of educational rhetoric for the audience of public speaking students that I've found. This is how I describe it to colleagues. But mostly I show it to them and says things like 'Isn't that sweet? Wait, check out the page with the shark, that's my favorite.' ”
-- Steven S. Vrooman, Texas Lutheran University
I have taught public speaking courses for 15 years, and I have used all types of textbooks…  I have used large traditional texts, spiral-bound texts, and everything in between.  I selected the Speak Up text this semester because I feel as if it speaks most to students at a student level.  I feel as if the text is contemporary, up to date, and provides students with a writing style that – if they take the time to read – is appealing to them and easy to understand. 
-- Chandra K Massner, Communication, University of Pikeville
I believe that the tandem illustrations are what makes this book easy for students to grasp the concepts put forth!!  I find the humor very appealing, and do not find anything least appealing…I think the illustrations drive home the points made in the text.  I frequently use the illustrations to invoke conversation in the class. 
--Scott Haywood, Language Arts, Northern Oklahoma College
“I love this text book! I like the way it reads. I like the coverage of topics. I love the illustrations.... It is the perfect mix of theory and application. The examples are relevant and the illustrations are perfect for getting students to actually read the text.”
-- Sandra K. Bowen, Fayetteville Technical Community College