Speak with Courage
First Edition   ©2014

Speak with Courage

50+ Insider Strategies for Presenting with Confidence

Martin McDermott

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-3834-7; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-3834-3; Format: Paper Text

Give your next speech—fearlessly

Instructors and students understand that fear of public speaking is one of the biggest challenges in the introductory course. And that’s where Speak with Courage comes in. Author and master teacher Martin McDermott has helped over 3,000 students overcome their fears and rise above speech anxiety by applying the right techniques.

Speak with Courage offers 50+ diverse strategies—class-tested, rhetorical, practical, and fun—that help students at every stage of the speechmaking process, from getting started and choosing a topic to delivering the presentation and learning from the experience. Helpful and effective, this well-written and appealing text is the tool you need to get your students up and speaking—with confidence. Speak with Courage is also available as an inexpensive e-book, a great add on to any course with a public speaking component.
"Speak with Courage integrates the research of communication studies scholars, combines it with insights from other disciplines and the popular press, and frames its strategies with common sense and practical wisdom."

—Isa N. Engleberg, Prince George’s Community College