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Ann R. Cannon (Cornell College) , George W. Cobb (Mount Holyoke College) , Bradley A. Hartlaub (Kenyon College) , Julie M. Legler (St. Olaf College) , Robin H. Lock (St. Lawrence University) , Thomas L. Moore (Grinnell College) , Allan J. Rossman (California Polytechnic State University) , Jeffrey A. Witmer (Oberlin College)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-4826-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-4826-2; Format: Quantity Pack
STAT2 was class tested at schools throughout the country, and here's what students had to say:

“It's probably one of the clearest math, science, and engineering textbooks around.”
Senior Engineering/Economics major, Smith College
“I like this textbook because it's straight to the point and does not include a lot of 'fluffing up' of the material.”
Sophomore Biochemistry/Molecular Biology/Psychology major, Cornell College
“It reads like somebody is talking to you.”
Senior Biochemistry major, Smith College
“Well-written, goes into great detail with concepts and includes cool examples and exercises that spark the reader's interest.”
Junior Math major, St Lawrence University
“Logistic regression and two-way ANOVA were very challenging, but the text provided examples and it was easy to understand what the text was interpreting in each.”
Sophomore Psychology major, St Lawrence University