Ninth Edition   ©2017

Statistics: Concepts and Controversies

David S. Moore (Purdue University) , William I. Notz (The Ohio State University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4641-9293-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-4641-9293-7; Format: Paper Text, 672 pages

• Case Studies open each chapter with an engaging real-life scenario related to the chapter concepts. The Case Study Evaluated section at the end of each chapter revisits the chapter opening Case Study with follow-up questions, asking students to evaluate what they have learned from the chapter and to apply their knowledge to the Case Study.
• “Statistics in Your World” boxed features highlight intriguing instances of stats in action.
• “Statistical Controversies” boxed features explore controversial topics and relate them to the chapter material.
• “Statistics in Summary” chapter summaries at the end of each chapter help students understand how individual chapters (topics) relate to each other and to the overall practice of statistics.
• A variety of exercises makes content engaging and meaningful:

  • “Now It’s Your Turn” exercises appear after a worked example, allowing students to test their understanding. Full solutions to these exercises are provided in the back of the text.
  • “In the News” exercises use current events and cite recent data sources.
  • "Exploring the Web” exercises use a QR code to point students to these exercises on the SCC Web site.