Eighth Edition   ©2019

Step by Step to College and Career Success

John N. Gardner , Betsy O. Barefoot

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-10727-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-10727-7; Format: Paper Text, 240 pages

Academic and Career Excellence System (ACES), our student self-assessment, is built into this edition of Step by Step. It is administered in LaunchPad Solo for Step by Step and referenced throughout the printed text.

  • ACES measures student strengths in twelve critical areas and prompts students to reflect on their habits, behaviors, attitudes, and skills.
  • Norm-referenced reports indicate whether students are at a high, moderate, or low skill level in particular areas.
  • The “Review Your ACES Score” feature at the beginning of each chapter provides ACES guidance.
  • A new appendix on “Using the ACES Progress Report” shows students using LaunchPad Solo how they can check their progress at the end of the semester to see the areas in which they’ve grown.

A revised introductory chapter has been reorganized to serve as a road map to get students off on the right foot, as the title, “Taking the First Step,” suggests.

  • It offers a new section, “Thriving in College and Life,” which gives students a better understanding of the value of college and making choices.
  • Coverage of goal-setting has been expanded to place more emphasis on exploring purpose and planning ahead.
  • The “Connecting with Others” section provides a broadened view on maximizing relationships with instructors and other types of students, including those who teach and learn online.

New Tech Tips in every chapter help students leverage technology for their success. These Tech Tips feature timely subject matter, such as identifying fake news, networking online, and using digital tools to manage your time.

Expanded coverage of critical thinking and adapting to different learning environments (Ch. 4); communicating, researching, and consuming information online (Ch. 8); academic planning (Ch. 9); and gender and sexual identity (Ch. 10)

New student stories reflect a diverse range of students’ life experiences.

New articles cover such topics as online learning, emotional intelligence, information literacy, finding and using campus resources, and sexual harassment.

Streamlined chapter-ending sections encourage students to take the initiative in answering a variety of common questions and solving different kinds of problems. These include:

  • “Reflect on Choices” writing prompt
  • “Applying What You’ve Learned” section with application opportunities
  • “Use Your Resources” section that encourages students to seek out peers (online or in person), use social media, take advantage of instructors’ office hours, join study groups, access campus resources, and consult references like books and websites

A carefully executed and updated design and art program keeps students focused and engaged with the content by including images that reflect the experiences of all students in the course, making them feel comfortable and connected. Captions invite students to think critically about the content.