Seventh Edition   ©2017

Step by Step to College and Career Success

John N. Gardner , Betsy O. Barefoot

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-02917-5; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-02917-3; Format: Paper Text, 272 pages

1. Starting Out on the Right Foot
     The College Experience
     Making the Transition by Connecting with Others
     Setting Goals
     Academic Planning
2. Cultivating Motivation, Resilience, and Emotional Intelligence
     Motivation, Attitude, and Mindset
     Understanding Emotional Intelligence
3. Managing Your Time
     Time—Your Most Valuable Resource
     Managing Your Energy
     Time-Management Goals
     Get Smart about Organizing Your Days, Weeks, Tasks, and More
     Maximizing Study and Review Time
4. Understanding How You Learn
     Why Be an Engaged Learner?
     How People Learn
     Learning with a Learning Disability
5. Getting the Most Out of Class
     Preparing for Class
     Pay Attention! Listening, Participating, and Note Taking
     Approaches to Note Taking
     Keep It Fresh by Reviewing Your Notes
6. Reading for Succes
     Four-Step Plan for Active Reading
     Different Courses—Different Kinds of Textbooks
     Improving Your Reading
7. Taking Exams & Tests
     Preparing for Tests
     Study to Make It Stick
     Taking Tests and Exams
     Academic Honesty and Misconduct
8. Thinking in College
     College-Level Thinking
     Steps to Developing Strong Thinking Skills
     Applying Your Critical-Thinking Skills
     Bloom’s Taxonomy and Your First Year of College
9. Developing Information Literacy and Communication Skills
     Information Literacy
     Using the Library
     Evaluating Sources
     The Writing Process
10. Connecting with Others in a Diverse World
     Personal Relationships
     The Ties That Bind: Family
     Connecting with Others in a Digital Age
     Thriving in Diverse Environments
     Connecting through Involvement
11. Managing Money
     Living on a Budget
     Understanding Financial Aid
     Achieving a Balance between Working and Borrowing
     Managing Credit Wisely
12. Staying Healthy
     Understanding Wellness
     Maintaining Sexual Health
     Alcohol and Other Substances
13. Considering Majors & Careers
     Careers and the New Economy
     Self-Exploration in Career Planning
     Exploring Your Interests
     Planning for Your Career
     Getting Experience
     Job Search Strategies
     Skills Employers Seek