A Student's Companion to Hacker Handbooks
First Edition   ©2019

A Student's Companion to Hacker Handbooks


  • ISBN-10: 1-319-21274-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-21274-2; Format: Paper Text, 264 pages

With extra practice, developing writers can conquer the comp course

Writers develop over time. And the fact is, some writers need more time and more practice to develop the skills and habits that help them meet the challenges of the first year writing course. For those students enrolled in paired, co-requisite, or “ALP” sections, A Student’s Companion to Hacker Handbooks offers practical support that will help them get up to speed and perform on-level.

The first half of the workbook offers instruction, opportunities for reflection, and graphic organizers for many kinds of writing. It also includes important college success strategies including time management and planning. The second half offers 55 exercises that students can complete right in the workbook—exercises covering a wide range of topics from thesis statements, unity, plagiarism and paraphrasing to fragments, run-ons, commas, and verb tenses. Substantial coverage of reading strategies—along with a variety of reading activities—help reinforce the link between reading and writing performance at the college level.

Available as a print workbook, as an e-book, or as online content within LaunchPad, Writer’s Help 2.0,  and LaunchPad Solo, A Student’s Companion to Hacker Handbooks builds skills, promotes good habits, and reinforces the instruction found in all of the Hacker/Sommers handbook products.