Survey of Economics
First Edition   ©2019

Survey of Economics

David Anderson

  • ISBN-10: 1-4292-5956-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-5956-9; Format: Paper Text, 352 pages

"It is the very user-friendly book. It is straightforward and enjoyable to read. The author covered the core material and he used good illustrations, colorful diagrams and appropriate photos. I think this is very balanced book without shortfalls."

-Alexander Katkov, Union County College

"I liked that the author kept is short and provided the main topics that he plans to deliver. I like the approach "Why You Should Care? chapter opener, which means that the author want to get students attention right away before going into details. Well done."

-Valbona Cela, Tri County Technical College

"Very smooth and easy to read. The prose flows well for a economics and theory heavy content textbook. The examples are plain, down-to-earth, which is necessary for a Survey of Economics textbook, especially. Like the color graphics and the picture/images throughout the chapter, to balance out the text."

-Anoop Bhargava, Finger Lakes Community College

"I believe that this text is easy to read and draws on examples that are familiar/accessible to students. The readability of the text is outstanding. The text uses examples and explanations to which students can easily relate and provides simple, yet detailed explanations of calculations and graphs."

-Sherry Jensen, Florida Institute of Technology

"The author does exactly what he promised to do. The manuscript contains excellent examples and is compact and efficient. Very good writing style and nice tone of humor and fun in economics."

-Edward Stuart, Northeastern Illinois University

"I think the author distinguishes his book from others very well. For instance, the inserting of real-world application to the text instead of offering application boxes will achieve brevity and avoiding students' easily skipping."

-Yue Hu, University of Texas at San Antonio

"I think the author has excelled in the particular goal of making this text easy and enjoyable to read...The coverage is also better than the average text without going overboard with difficult theories."

-Sukanya Kemp, University of Akron

"It is written concisely and in a manner perfect for the essentials course."

-Miren Ivankovic, Anderson University