Teaching with Hacker Handbooks (Online Only)
Second Edition   ©2015

Teaching with Hacker Handbooks (Online Only)

Topics, Strategies, and Lesson Plans

Diana Hacker (late of Prince George's Community College) , Marcy Carbajal Van Horn (St. Edward's University) , Jonathan S. Cullick (Northern Kentucky University) , Sara McCurry (Shasta College)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-06277-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-06277-4; Format: Instructor's Resource Manual, 262 pages

Part I: Topics

T1 Building a foundation for your course

T2 Designing your course and crafting your syllabus

T3 Leading discussions, engaging students in required writing courses

T4 Designing effective assignments

T5 Responding to student writing

T6 Working with multilingual writers (Teaching ESL)

T7 Addressing writing in the disciplines

Part II: Modules

M1 Teaching assignment analysis

M2 Teaching prewriting strategies

M3 Teaching critical reading

M4 Teaching thesis statements

M5 Teaching essay structure

M6 Teaching paragraphs

M7 Teaching introductions and conclusions

M8 Teaching argument and counterargument

M9 Teaching students to conduct research and evaluate sources

M10 Teaching students to integrate sources

M11 Teaching students to avoid plagiarism

M12 Teaching word choice and appropriate language

M13 Teaching grammar and punctuation

M14 Teaching with peer review

M15 Teaching multimodal projects

M16 Addressing writing in the disciplines

Part III: Sample course materials

S1 Sample syllabi

Syllabus 1: The Bedford Handbook, Ninth Edition

Syllabus 2: Rules for Writers, Seventh Edition

Syllabus 3: A Writer’s Reference, Seventh Edition

Syllabus 4: A Pocket Style Manual, Sixth Edition

Syllabus 5: Writer’s Help

S2 Sample assignments

Assignment 1: Workshop on Revising Paragraphs

Assignment 2: Textual Analysis

Assignment 3: Defining and Addressing Plagiarism

Assignment 4: Mechanics Workshop

Assignment 5: Visual Literacy and Analysis

Assignment 6: Essay 4: Writing in Your Discipline

Assignment 7: Reflecting on the writing process