Thinking Through Sources for American Histories, Volume 1
Second Edition   ©2017

Thinking Through Sources for American Histories, Volume 1

Nancy A. Hewitt (Rutgers University) , Steven F. Lawson (Rutgers University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-04237-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-04237-0; Format: Paper Text, 160 pages

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    Nancy Hewitt and Steven Lawson talk about Incorporating Primary Sources into their Text

Designed to accompany Exploring American Histories, Second Edition, the Document Projects focus on themes and events related to the textbook chapters. Each chapter of Thinking through Sources for Exploring American Histories has approximately five documents all centered on a theme or event related to the corresponding chapter in the textbook. Document Projects include "Loyalists in the American Revolution," "The Cherokee Removal," "Women in the West," and "The Scopes 'Monkey Trial."

An introductory essay provides historical context for each document project. Each chapter of the reader begins with a short introduction that explains how the documents that follow fit into the historical narrative.

A headnote introduces students to each document without giving too much away. They introduce the provenance of the document and give brief historical context to orient the student.

Interpret the Evidence and Put It in Context questions at the end of each project help students analyze the documents and consider them within the broader discussion of a particular moment in history. The Interpret the Evidence questions prompt students to analyze the documents individually before they move on to the Put It in Context questions, in which they place the events they have just read about within the larger context of the historical period.

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