Second Edition   ©2017

Understanding Rhetoric

A Graphic Guide to Writing

Elizabeth Losh , Jonathan Alexander , Kevin Cannon , Zander Cannon

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-04213-9; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-04213-4; Format: Paper Text, 360 pages

Introduction: Spaces for Writing

  • Discovering Contexts for Writing
  • Going Boldly Through Writing Processes
  • Exploring Visual Literacy

*ReFrame: Why Rhetoric? Why a Comic Book?

Walk the Talk: Visual Rhetoric

Drawing Conclusions

1) Why Rhetoric?

  • Piecing Together a Definition of Rhetoric
  • Reanimating Ancient Views of Rhetoric
  • Setting Rhetorical Concepts Loose on the World

*ReFrame: What Does Aristotle Have to Do with Me?

Walk the Talk: Ethos, Logos, Pathos, and Kairos

Drawing Conclusions

2) Reading Strategically

  • Finding Secret Meanings with Critical Analysis
  • Putting the Pieces Together with Synthesis
  • Using Reading Strategies
  • Imagining the Plans of Ideal Readers

*ReFrame: How Do I Read This?

Walk the Talk: Critical Reading

Drawing Conclusions

3) Writing Identities

  • Leaping into Identities in Writing
  • Trying Out Choices for Different Audiences
  • Revealing the Performer Within the Text

*ReFrame: Am I Having an Identity Crisis?

Walk the Talk: Identities

Drawing Conclusions

4) Argument Beyond Pro and Con

  • Spotlighting Strategies for Argument
  • Setting the Scene for Arguable Assertions
  • Zooming in on Claims and Evidence
  • Focusing on Effective Organization

*ReFrame: The Office Hour!

Walk the Talk: Argument

Drawing Conclusions

5) Composing Together

  • Getting Together
  • Multiplying Your Research Options
  • Collaborating with Audiences
  • Managing Collaborative Writing Projects

*ReFrame: [title TK]

Walk the Talk: Collaboration

Drawing Conclusions

6) Research: More Than Detective Work

  • Keeping the Story Straight
  • Tracking Down Sources
  • Deciding Which Sources to Trust
  • Making Sources Talk: Summary, Paraphrase, Quotation
  • Coming Clean with Citation

*ReFrame: Wrong Turns or Shortcuts?

Walk the Talk: Research

Drawing Conclusions

.7) Rethinking Revision

  • Looking Beyond the Red Ink
  • Reviewing Rhetorically
  • Seeing Through Others’ Eyes
  • Revising Radically

*ReFrame: Am I Missing Something?

Walk the Talk: Revision

Drawing Conclusions

8) Going Public

  • Launching into the Future of Genres
  • Navigating among Media
  • Entering the Final Frontier with Publication

*ReFrame: How Does This Look to You?

Walk the Talk: Presentation

Drawing Conclusions