World Religions
Fourth Edition   ©2008

World Religions

A Historical Approach

Solomon A. Nigosian (Victoria College, University of Toronto)

  • ISBN-10: 0-312-44237-8; ISBN-13: 978-0-312-44237-8; Format: Paper Text, 576 pages

Solomon A. Nigosian


S. A. Nigosian, a research associate at Victoria College of the University of Toronto, has been teaching in the Religion Department for over twenty-five years. His most recent publications include Islam: Its History, Teaching, and Practices (2004); From Ancient Writings to Sacred Texts: The Old Testament and Apocrypha (2004); and The Zoroastrian Faith: Tradition and Modern Research (1993). His articles on Near Eastern Religions and the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament are published frequently in professional journals such as Studies in Religion, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Theological Review, Vetus Testamentum, Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses, and Biblica.