A Writer's Reference
Ninth Edition   ©2018

A Writer's Reference

Diana Hacker (late of Prince George's Community College) , Nancy Sommers (Harvard University)  

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-05744-6; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-05744-2; Format: Comb Bound, 576 pages

"My former students tell me they consult the handbook regularly once they leave my required writing courses."
Tracy Michaels, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

"I prefer the handbook over OER because my students do. I want to use what they will use and will gain from. When students open up a book, they are ready to work. When they open up a Web browser, they are bombarded with a lot of other things."
Guy Krueger, University of Mississippi

"We have used a number of texts over the years. For the past ten years, the one that’s been used consistently and successfully in our program is A Writer’s Reference."
Andrea McCrary, Queens University of Charlotte

"What we were looking for was a centerpiece for building a culture of writing on our campus—a tool that every student, adjunct faculty member, and full-time faculty would see as a four-year investment in writing. Our custom edition of A Writer’s Reference has become that centerpiece."
John McKinnis, Buffalo State College

"Writing is the commonality that takes students through the educational experience. Whether students are writing a paper for their nursing class, building a résumé, revising a composition essay, or doing an engineering assignment, the handbook is of value to them."
Margaret Holloway, University of Alabama

"The OWL is free, but its MLA and APA sections are not as user-friendly or as detailed as these sections in A Writer’s Reference."
Elizabeth Haddox, El Paso Community College

"I love LaunchPad for the LearningCurve quizzes that allow students to move at their own pace. I see better writing from students after they work through the quizzes."
Diane Yerka, University of Minnesota, Morris