Writing and Revising
Second Edition   ©2015

Writing and Revising

A Portable Guide

Marcia F. Muth (University of Colorado at Denver) , X. J. Kennedy , Dorothy M. Kennedy

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-8233-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-8233-9; Format: Paper Text, 288 pages

Exceptional value and flexibility. With a low price—and a significant discount when packaged with most Bedford/St. Martin's titles—Writing and Revising is an ideal text for value-minded instructors and students. The process-oriented coverage of critical thinking, reading, writing, and researching accommodates a variety of different teaching needs.

Concise but thorough coverage of writing. The text offers clear guidance on every stage of the writing process, from generating ideas and planning to revising and editing.

Practical coverage of argument. A full chapter on argument covers all the fundamentals of writing persuasively, with advice on choosing the best evidence to support claims.

Helpful advice on evaluating and using sources. Two full chapters emphasize the importance of evaluating sources for reliable evidence and integrating them into the paper. MLA and APA documentation models help students cite a wide range of sources.

An abundance of helpful visuals. Checklists, tables, charts, and other visuals help clarify important processes and concepts and serve as a quick reference for review.

A focus on revising and editing. One full chapter emphasizes revising for purpose, thesis, audience, structure, and support. A separate chapter on editing focuses on finding and fixing common problems with grammar, punctuation, and mechanics.