Writing and Revising
Second Edition   ©2015

Writing and Revising

A Portable Guide

Marcia F. Muth (University of Colorado at Denver) , X. J. Kennedy , Dorothy M. Kennedy

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-8233-8; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-8233-9; Format: Paper Text, 288 pages

New final chapter on crediting sources provides dozens of new examples showing how to cite and list sources in both the MLA and APA documentation styles and expands upon the coverage previously offered in Chapter 11 with more documentation models for multimodal sources.

Revised writing samples and visuals offer students fresh examples on composition techniques and strategies. New excerpts include writing from wide-ranging sources and writers, contemporary and classic.

Stronger reading-writing connections including a full-length professional writing sample—journalist Clive Thompson’s essay on "The New Literacy," a new section on Reading Online and Multimodal Texts, and a new student revision in response to a peer review.

Seventeen new examples of student writing processes, including an online threaded discussion with an instructor and five students, a formal outline for organizing a research paper on wetlands, a selection from a student interview essay, and a student’s accompanying critical response to Clive Thompson’s piece.

More advice on writing in the digital age, ranging from a new section on Reading Online and Multimodal Texts to generating ideas through e-journals and blogs to citing E-books.  

New editing advice in sections on Refining Your College Voice and Polishing Your College Style.

Easier Quick References Numbering of the Activities and flagged Quick Editing Guide makes these features easier to find and easier to assign during class or for outside writing.