Writing Essentials Online (Twelve Months Access)
First Edition   ©2018

Writing Essentials Online (Twelve Months Access)

Miriam Moore (Lord Fairfax Community College) , Susan Anker

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-15340-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-15340-3; Format: LaunchPad

          Part One: College Thinking, Reading, and Writing

  1. Critical Thinking, Reading, Writing: Making Connections
  2. Vocabulary for Reading and Writing
  3. Getting ready to Write an Essay
  4. Organizing your Main Point and Support
  5. Drafting and Revising Your Essay
  6. Part Two: Writing Paragraphs

  7. Drafting a Paragraph
  8. Improving a Paragraph
  9. Developing a Paragraph Using Different Patterns
  10. Part Three: Writing Different Kinds of Paragraphs

  11. Writing Narration Paragraphs
  12. Writing Illustration Paragraphs
  13. Writing Description Paragraphs
  14. Writing Process Analysis Paragraphs
  15. Writing Classification Paragraphs
  16. Writing Definition Paragraphs
  17. Writing Comparison and Contrast Paragraphs
  18. Writing Cause and Effect Paragraphs
  19. Writing Argument Paragraphs
  20. Part Four: Writing Different Kinds of Essays

  21. Writing Narration Essays
  22. Writing Illustration Essays
  23. Writing Description Essays
  24. Writing Process Analysis Essays
  25. Writing Classification Essays
  26. Writing Definition Essays
  27. Writing comparison and Contrast Essays
  28. Writing Cause and Effect Essays
  29. Writing Argument Essays
  30. Part Five: Research

  31. Research Essays
  32. Documenting Sources in MLA Style

    Documenting Sources in APA Style

    Part Six: Grammar, Punctuation, and Mechanics
  33. The Parts of Speech
  34. Complete Sentences
  35. Fragments
  36. Run-Ons and Comma Splices
  37. Subject-Verb Agreement Problems
  38. Verb-Tense Problems
  39. Other Grammar Concerns
  40. Style, Word Choice, and Spelling
  41. Punctuation and Capitalization
  42. Appendices

  43. Guide to grammar terminology
  44. Commonly Used transitions
  45. Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes
  46. Graphic Organizers
  47. Downloadable Exercises
  48. Reader

  49. Online selection of readings of various lengths and difficulty