First Edition   ©2014

Writing in Action

Andrea A. Lunsford (Stanford University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-6503-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-6503-5; Format: Spiral Bound, 608 pages

Built from Andrea Lunsford’s research on student writers, Writing in Action is a new value-priced handbook—with exercises—that marries extensive coverage of the writing process with the streamlined coverage of grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and documentation of a pocket-sized handbook. A handbook that puts rhetorical choice front and center, Writing in Action begins with what students do well and shows them what they need to learn. Its simple yet inviting design and spiral binding ensures that students will be able to find quick answers and effective strategies for every step of the writing process.

Attention to good writing, not just surface correctness,
helps students understand that effective texts follow conventions that depend on their audience, situation, and purpose. Integrated exercises throughout the text help students consider their writing process and practice writing strategies.

Up-to-date advice on research and documentation provides information on using both library and Internet sources effectively, tips for avoiding plagiarism, and guidelines for MLA-, APA-, Chicago-, and CSE-style documentation.

e-Pages with LearningCurve take advantage of what the Web can do. Bedford’s new online adaptive quizzing, integrated into the text, focuses students on the grammar and writing topics that they need the most help with.