Writing Music
First Edition   ©2018

Writing Music

A Bedford Spotlight Reader

Jeff Ousborne (Suffolk University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-02015-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-02015-6; Format: Paper Text

Bedford care and quality in every volume. Each volume in the Bedford Spotlight series is developed with attention to design, pedagogy, and compelling readings that work in the classroom.

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Multiple perspectives on music and its cultures, discourses, and contexts. In order to foster student engagement, five chapters, built around central questions on the subject of music, offer numerous entry points for inquiry and discussion. A mix of genres as well as accessible and challenging selections allows instructors to tailor their approach to each classroom. For instance:

  • Leonid Perlovsky, in Music and Consciousness, seeks to answer the essential questions of musics importance, role, and purpose in our lives.
  • Damon Krukowsi, in Making Cents, laments the financial realities of those trying to earn money from music in an age of streaming.
  • Tamara Winfrey Harris, in All Hail the Queen?, examines Beyonce's status as a feminist in the context of race, femininity, and celebrity.

Thoughtful support for writers and instructors. A general introduction, chapter introductions, and headnotes provide context. Prompts and assignments offer suggestions for discussion, informal writing, research, ways to connect selections, and research projects. A website for the series offers support for teaching the themes in each volume at macmillanlearning.com/spotlight.

An appendix, "Sentence Guides for Academic Writers." This section helps with an essential skill: working with and responding to others.