Twelfth Edition   ©2017

Your College Experience Concise

John N. Gardner , Betsy O. Barefoot

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-02919-1; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-02919-7; Format: Paper Text

“This is a solid resource that focuses on key topics for the first-year student. It gives a lot of practical suggestions in a clear /informative format. I would strongly recommend this as a springboard for designing your first-year seminar.”
Margaret Garroway; English/World Languages, Howard Community College

“This concise text does a very good job of focusing on the academic skills we want our students to learn. The text provides a good foundation for our students in critical thinking, study and test-taking skills and time management. It also provides the students with other helpful information to help them succeed. A few examples are learning styles, emotional intelligence, diversity and money management.”
Donna Musselman; Student Development Instruction, Santa Fe College

“Great layout with lots of useable material. Excellent thought-provoking prompts and content.”
Christine Benson; Academic Advising & First-Year Experience, Madonna University