Bedford/St. Martin’s welcomes you to CCCC

Bedford/St. Martin’s began in 1981 as a company committed to composition students and teachers. From our digital tools—in every shape, size, and medium—to our unparalled professional series, our resources remain firmly rooted in practical innovations that support the important work that teachers do.

Take advantage of all that we offer at CCCC. Come to our party, join an author event, stop by our booth to get access to our e-portfolio, or take a stack of our newest books:

  • Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing by Elizabeth Losh, Jonathan Alexander, Kevin Cannon, Zander Cannon
  • Multimodal Composition by Claire Lutkewitte
  • Responding to Student Writers by Nancy Sommers
  • The St. Martin’s Guide to Teaching Writing by Cheryl Glenn and Melissa A. Goldthwaite

We are also pleased to publish Best of Bits as a downloadable e-book from this site.

Bedford is always starting something new! Help us plan and develop future projects—including new ways to grow and support an online network of writing teachers, wherever they are in their careers. Let’s learn, teach, and write together. Sign up to join our teacher-scholar network.

We can’t wait to meet you.