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Sapling Learning’s economics solution goes far beyond multiple choice content, to provide students with a more interactive and engaging learning environment. Our content enhances student understanding of core economics concepts by employing a range of question types including graphing, quantitative analysis, and conceptual reasoning. Sapling Learning places a strong emphasis on the application of economic concepts to real-world examples and scenarios, so that students understand concepts, rather than simply memorize definitions.

Subsidies, Opportunity Cost and Peanuts

5 Steps to Maximizing Profit in a Monopoly

Income and Substitution Effects

Profits from Charging One Price or Two Prices


Calculating the Marginal Product of Labor and Value of the Marginal Product of Labor

Economic News Analysis (NEW)

A key challenge for many introductory economics instructors is addressing a lack of student engagement, particularly for non-majors. Faculty need real life examples to make economics topics relevant and interesting. Economic News Analysis questions are designed to help address this challenge. Homework content is linked to news articles that students can relate to their everyday lives, helping them become better consumers of economic data and information in the world around them.

Corn Article: Price Changes and the Demand for Tractors

Corn Article: Demand and Supply of Corn

Corn Article: Reasons for Falling Revenue

Corn Article: Consequences of Price Changes in Ag Sector

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Florida Atlantic University


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