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Anatomy & Physiology

Sapling Learning Anatomy and Physiology questions cover everything from basic structures and functions to case studies that ask students to think through diagnosis, testing and treatment options. Multiple question types—such as clickable area, ranking, sorting, labeling, multiple choice, multiple select, and numeric entry—enhance student engagement and critical thinking skills. Our Anatomy and Physiology product also features a new learning resource: interactives. These open-ended exercises can be manipulated by instructors and students to teach topics that students find most challenging.

Try out some of Sapling Learning's Anatomy & Physiology live problems:

Layers of Ureter Wall

Cerebellum Features (Sagittal Section)

Mechanics of Inhalation and Exhalation

Scaphoid Spelling

Scaphoid (MC)

Case Study 1: Indentification of Fracture Type

Case Study 2: Classification of a Fracture

Effect of myocardial infarction on ventricular volume

Types of Heart Valves

Urine Formation Steps

Summer Drake, MS

Kent State University, General & Introductory Biology

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