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General Chemistry

“Sapling Learning creates homework assignments for general chemistry that enhance student engagement and understanding. From basic units and measurement to more advanced concepts like electrochemistry, students use Sapling Learning’s unique interface to answer numeric questions, write mathematical and chemical equations, draw molecular structures, and answer conceptual questions through the use of modules such as labeling, sorting, ranking, and multiple choice.

Try out some of Sapling Learning's General Chemistry live problems:

Classify Matter (Molecular Views)

Name a Molecular Compound II

Solution Stoichiometry & Write Equation: Precipitation

Titration Simulation: Molar Mass of Monoprotic Acid1 (Virtual)

Formal Charges ( MeCN N-oxide, Ammonia Borane)

Chiral Centers in Sweetener

Lewis Structure for Sulfur Dioxide

Color of Phenophthalein

Magnitude of Kc

Mass Percent of Sugar in a Mixture from Freezing Point of Solution

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