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General Chemistry Labs

Sapling Learning is the most versatile online system for General Chemistry pre-laboratory preparation. Students use Sapling Learning to prepare for both the conceptual and quantitative aspects of a laboratory course. Our questions require students to demonstrate their knowledge of laboratory safety rules, understanding of experimental procedures, identification of necessary glassware, and proper disposal of chemical waste. Students also practice important calculations, draw molecules and ions, and interpret experimental data.

Sapling Learning is the ideal partner for your large general or organic chemistry laboratory. If you enroll 400 students or more (per year) in your lab, we are able to deliver a substantial digital and print package to meet your unique needs. 

Try out some of Sapling Learning's General Chemistry Labs live problems:

Reading the Volume of a Buret

Identification and Use of a Vacuum Filtration Setup

Standard Curve Concentration Calculation

Absorbance of a Solution with Variable Concentration

Christina Barry, MS

University of Florida, Forensic Toxicology

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