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Our Sapling Learning genetics product gives students the opportunity to practice and solidify foundational knowledge through basic coverage questions before applying those concepts to our complex and engaging problem solving style questions. Students will practice skills ranging from abstract thinking to article comprehension to data analysis and more. Our genetics product also features a new learning resource: interactives. These open-ended exercises can be manipulated by instructors and students to teach topics that students find most challenging.

Try out some of Sapling Learning's Genetics live problems:

Levels of DNA Packaging

Identify Telocentric Chromosome

Results of a Monohybrid Cross

Linkage and Map Distance from Progeny Phenotype Counts

Dominant Inheritance and Pedigrees: Huntinton's Disease

Experimental Determination of Identity of Genetic Material

Definitions of Linkage, Interference, Locus, and Recombination

Genetic Control of Fruit Fly Memory

Genetic Drift

Hardy-Weinberg Allelic Frequencies

Summer Drake, MS

Kent State University, General & Introductory Biology

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