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Inorganic Chemistry

Sapling Learning creates homework assignments for inorganic chemistry that enhance student engagement and understanding. Students will reinforce the topics covered in lectures by completing problem sets customized to your syllabus. Our visually rich questions will aid student understanding, especially in difficult topics like lattice energy, and molecular orbital theory.

Try out some of Sapling Learning's Inorganic Chemistry live problems:

Rank by C-O bond length in organometallic species II

D3h point group (3D) - trigonal bipyramidal geometry 2 (homoleptic)

Molecular Orbital Diagram of H2- and Bond Order

MO Diagram of Oxygen

Molecular View of Acid Strength

Fastest oxidative addition of H2 for L3MCl

Geometry and Hybridization of Cyclohexane

Bond Enthalpy from Rxn Enthalpy (Version A)

Nitration of Benzene

Select Atom in 3D Molecule

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