Created by and for educators, Sapling Learning online homework drives student success with one-on-one educator support and time-saving tools.

Sapling Stats redefines homework by offering unprecedented pedagogical guidance for every student and unparalleled support for every instructor. Powered by Sapling Learning’s proven framework of error-specific feedback, guiding hints, and detailed solutions, Sapling Stats develops students’ conceptual understanding and statistical thinking in real-world contexts. Sapling Stats consists of two remarkable homework systems: Sapling Intro Stats and SaplingPlus.


Sapling Intro Stats

By design, Sapling Intro Stats complements virtually any introductory statistics text. Sapling Intro Stats’ content covers general topics specific to the introductory statistics course and is not one specific text. While the content is not text specific, our Client Success Specialists works with instructors to tailor his or her text’s “template” to align to the syllabus.

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SaplingPlus supports The Basic Practice of Statistics 8e (BPS) and The Practice of Statistics in the Life Sciences 4e (PSLS). SaplingPlus is the interweaving of Sapling Learning with text-specific content, exercises, and resources that provides students with a unique—integrated—learning experience.

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Built on the breakthrough Sapling Learning platform, Sapling Stats redefines homework with these features:

  • Targeted, error-specific feedback
  • Emphasis on conceptual understanding
  • Variety of question types
  • Personalized 1:1 support for instructors
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