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Sapling Intro Stats

What Students Told Us

Throughout the development of Sapling Intro Stats we asked students about their experience using Sapling. Here is a summary of the 285 students' responses.

By the Numbers

When asked if Sapling’s feedback and hints were useful . . .

84% said “Yes!”

When asked if Sapling’s worked-out solutions were useful . . .

81% said “Yes!”

When asked if Sapling improved their understanding of statistics in an everyday context or how/why statistics is important . . .

80% said “Yes!”

When asked if Sapling helped prepare them for their first exam in the course . . .

70% said “Yes!”

Students' Comments

Statements from students at the University of Washington

“I've used a few different products for my math courses over the years, and this one, by far, is the best in homework review. Sapling's feedback on problems helped me immensely to understand how to do certain problems in a way that I don't think others would.”

“Hints always bring me some idea so that I can get on the right track for solving the problem. Feedback is useful because it tells me what mistake that I made.”