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Sapling Learning provides content for algebra- and calculus-based introductory physics courses, as well as conceptual physics. In addition to numeric and equation based questions, conceptual understanding is measured using sorting, labeling, ranking, multiple choice, and multiple select answer types. 

Try out some of Sapling Learning's Physics live problems:

Position Graph from Speed and Acceleration

Center of Mass of a Glass-Liquid Combination

Calculate Field from Potentional (3D)

Losing Contact with a Vertical Oscillator

Heat Engine with one Adiabatic Step

Acceleration from Position as Function of Time

Conceptual Physics live problems:

Draw Free-body Diagram for Object on Ramp

Tension Changing Scenarios 2

Car Colliding with Wall

Mass and Spool

Artificial Gravity on a Space Station​

Wire Sliding on Parallel Rails in Magnetic Field

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Carl Knutson, PhD

University of Texas at Austin, Physics

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University of Texas at Austin, Astronomy