• Economic Principles

    A Business Perspective

    Stephen Rubb & Scott Sumner

  • Where economics gets down to business.

    Economic Principles: A Business Perspective was crafted with the goal of striking the right balance between principles and pragmatics. The book is designed to teach each student how to think like an economist especially when making or evaluating business decisions. Students are challenged to look at business decisions from an economist’s perspective, and to examine economic phenomena ranging from supply and demand analysis to monetary policy to global trade with an eye toward their implications for firms of all shapes and sizes. And importantly, the clutter that bogs down many textbooks was stripped away and presented in a lean, efficient format that helps students learn and apply the fundamentals of economics.

    The result is a book that gets down to the business of economics, with a straightforward approach to both theory and application, in a format that provides instructors with plenty of flexibility, and students with practical support.