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Internet Resources
Academic Info Religion: A Directory of Internet Resources for the Study of Religion.
Provides very specific categorization of traditions, for an easy and insightful research experience. The site offers an annotated list of links to sites dealing with religions (from Christianity to Zoroastrianism) and the study of religion. This site is a useful resource for both beginning and advanced scholars.

Boston School of Theology: Religion and Philosophy Resources on the Internet.
A clear and helpful point of entry to religious traditions, with useful links for academic research. The site is organized in five major categories: general religion resources, Asian religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library.
A rich and comprehensive series of key Christian historical texts. Links are organized alphabetically in fiction and nonfiction categories. Users can search within the site and can access and even listen to hymns (with appropriate computer hardware).

Judaism and Jewish Resources.
A clearly organized abundance of resources related to almost any aspect of Judaism and its history, such as Yiddish, the state of Israel, the Holocaust, and Hebrew.

Religion, Religions, Religious Studies.
A good place to investigate religions and the ways religions have been theorized and constructed academically. The organization of this site makes it easy to navigate through religion and studies of religions. Links include Afro-European traditions, Asian traditions, religious studies, and relations among religions. The site includes information about and links to graduate programs in religion throughout the world. Informative annotations accompany links.

Religions and Scriptures.
Links and resources covering all of the major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism, Confucianism, Shintoism, and Bahai faith. Links to at least one main text for almost all of the traditions can be found under individual categories. The site is nicely designed and easy to use.

Sacred and Religious Texts.
A comprehensive site offering links to sacred texts from around the world. Visitors can link to either Old Testament Apocrypha or New Testament Apocryphal Gospels and visit Zen texts, Taoist texts, and Sikh texts, to name a few.


Library Resources
Anchor Bible Dictionary. 6 vols.
New York: Doubleday, 1992.

A definitive encyclopedia covering names, places, and events of the Bible as well as cultural history, social institutions, archaeological sites, and other topics of particular interest to biblical scholars.

Concise Encyclopedia of Islam.
By Cyril Glasse. San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1989.

Provides definitions of and brief discussions on a wide variety of topics, with supplementary maps, chronology, charts, and bibliography.

Encyclopaedia Judaica. 16 vols. Jerusalem: Encyclopaedia Judaica; New York: Macmillan, 1971-72.
An excellent source of information on the Jewish people and religion, offering in-depth, scholarly articles and ample illustrations.

Encyclopedia of Religion. 16 vols. New York: Macmillan, 1987.
Covers religions from around the world and through history as well as people and ideas related to religion. The articles are written by experts in their fields and include excellent bibliographies.

Harper's Dictionary of Hinduism:
Its Mythology, Folklore, Philosophy, Literature, and History.
By Margaret Stutley and James Stutley. New York: Harper and Row, 1977.

Features short definitions and identifications of terms, figures, and texts important in Hinduism. Though the articles are not detailed, they are good for quick reference.

Mythologies. By Yves Bonnefoy.
2 vols. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1991.

An encyclopedia surveying mythologies of the world, with articles on cosmology, cults, and myth traditions arranged in geographical sections. The articles are lengthy and scholarly, and they are accompanied by illustrations and thorough bibliographies.

Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church. 3rd ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1997.
A small compendium of a vast amount of information — with short, descriptive entries that run from Aaron to Zwingli — providing very concise starting points for understanding and identifying people, concepts, events, places, and biblical references that are important in Christian church history.

Religion Index One: Periodicals. Chicago: American Theological Library Association, 1975-.
The most important index in the field of religion. The book provides author, subject, and scriptural indexes to journal articles in more than 400 publications. Available in electronic format as The Atla Religion Database.

Religion Index Two: Multi-Author Works. Chicago: American Theological Library Association, 1975.
Indexes articles in essay collections, conference proceedings, Festschriften, and other publications by subject, author, and scriptural reference; a very useful companion to Religion Index One. Available in electronic format as the Atla Religion Database.

Zen Dictionary. By Ernest Wood. Rutland, Vt.: Charles E. Tuttle, 1957.
Offers brief explanations of concepts in Zen Buddhism.

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