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Internet Resources
e-math: The Web Site of the American Mathematical Society.
Encompasses a broad range of topics, from member activities and conferences to "What's New in Mathematics." A section on education provides a selective set of links to other math-related Web sites.

The Geometry Center.
A comprehensive and innovative site offering graphics, animation, and sound; geometric and visual representations of mathematical concepts; and multimedia research papers and conference proceedings. This site brings geometry to life. The Geometry Center is located at the University of Minnesota and funded by the National Science Foundation.

MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive.
Devoted to the history of math, with biographies of more than 1,100 mathematicians, articles on the development of mathematical ideas, more than 60 articles on "famous curves" that include graphics, and a "mathematician of the day." This site is regularly updated, provides a search function, and encourages a sense of community among mathematicians with requests for suggestions.

Math Archives: Topics in Mathematics.
Indexes Web links related to math, covering a broad range of topics. Users can search by keyword or choose a topic from the table of contents, which includes algebra, geometry, calculus, fractals, trigonometry, number theory, and statistics among its forty topics. Links are marked for level of education: K-6; 7-12; lower-division college; upper-division college; and graduate and professional.

WWW Virtual Library: Mathematics.
A comprehensive listing of Web sites in mathematics. Opening categories include everything from addresses and bibliographies to mathematics newsgroups, mathematics gophers, and specialized fields.


Library Resources
Companion Encyclopedia of the History and Philosophy of Mathematical Sciences. 2 vols. London: Routledge, 1994.
Offers lengthy, well-documented articles on the historical and cultural basis of mathematics and mathematical understanding.

CRC Handbook of Mathematical Sciences. 6th ed. Boca Raton:
CRC, 1987.

A collection of tables for many areas of the field, designed for those interested in both pure and applied mathematics.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. 2nd ed. 4 vols. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1987.
Offers detailed discussions of mathematical concepts, with excellent bibliographies.

International Dictionary of Applied Mathematics. Princeton: Van Nostrand, 1960.
Though dated for some purposes, a useful source for technical definitions and discussions of applications.

Mathematical Reviews. Providence: American Mathematical Society, 1940-.
Offers quarterly updates of new publications in mathematics and provides detailed abstracts. The work uses its own fairly complex classification system and has an annual classified subject index. Available in electronic format as MathSciNet.

Mathematics Dictionary. By Robert C. James. 5th ed. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992.
Offers concise definitions and brief explanations of topics in the field.

Tables of Integrals, Series, and Products. By I. S. Gradshtein and
I. M. Ryzhik. 5th ed. Boston: Academic Press, 1980.

A collection of tables covering elementary and special mathematical functions and their definite and indefinite integrals. Available in electronic format.

General Resources
Environmental Sciences
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