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Internet Resources
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resources Collections: Maps and GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
A directory of Internet sites containing maps and mapmaking programs, satellite images, photographs, and text and image databases. Users can search within the site, and entries are annotated.

U.S. Census Bureau: TIGER Mapping Service.
A database of maps of the United States that can be searched by a number of variables and then displayed at various levels of detail, from national to street level.

U.S. Census Bureau: U.S. Gazetteer.
A database used in conjunction with TIGER Mapping Service. Users can pull up basic information on places in the United States, including links to maps and census data from the 1990 census. The database is searchable by place name, state, and zip code.

Xerox PARC Map Viewer.
A geographical Web server offering world and U.S. maps that the user can zoom in on for greater detail, though they are not as complete as the maps in the TIGER system.


Special Resources
Maps and atlases are basic tools for the geographer. Atlases, because of their size, are often shelved in special bookcases; maps may be housed in a special collection of their own. Think in terms not only of the familiar sort of world atlas, such as the Atlas of the World, 4th ed. (Oxford University Press, 1996) but also of atlases that provide information on population, trade, history, water resources, and so on.


Library Resources
Columbia Gazetteer of the World.
3 vols. New York: Columbia University Press, 1998.

Provides the exact location of places and geographical features around the world and gives a very brief definition or description. The most complete gazetteer available, it has been recently updated to reflect new and changed place names.

Current Geographical Publications: Additions to the Research Catalogue of the American Geographical Society. Milwaukee: American Geographical Society, 1938-.
A current list of new journal articles, books, and maps in the field of geography. Covers topics such as biogeography, climatology, human geography, hydrology, and physical geography as well as regional geography. The catalog is issued ten times a year, with an annual index.

Dictionary of Human Geography. New York: Free Press, 1981.
Defines and discusses terms, topics, and concepts in human geography. Brief bibliographies follow many of the entries.

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Physical Geography. Oxford: Blackwell, 1985.
Defines and discusses terms and concepts in physical geography and includes brief, selective bibliographies.

Geographical Abstracts. Barking, Essex: Elsevier, 1989-.
Provides annotated citations of books and articles in geography in two sections: human and physical geography. The work is issued monthly, with an annual subject, author, and regional index. Available in electronic format as Geobase.

General Resources
Ethnic Studies
Political Science
Women's Studies


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