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Social Sciences: Finding Sources

Internet Resources
The George Warren Brown School of Social Work: Social Work and Social Services Web Sites.
Features links for the practicing social worker, with sections on such topics as families, gerontology, poverty, disaster relief, crisis intervention, and music therapy, as well as general sites on social understanding. The site is frequently updated but has no explanatory or evaluative material.

A Sociological Tour through Cyberspace.
Provides links of interest to sociologists, including theory, data resources, methodology, advice for writing research papers, and coverage of topics in the field, introducing each section with a brief essay on the practice of sociology. The site has attractive layout, clear organization, and up-to-date links. Maintained by Michael C. Kearl, sociology professor at Trinity University, Texas.

The SocioWeb.
Features links to sites on major sociologists and their theories, to topics in the field, and to sources of research data. Updated frequently, this site includes a search engine and a sociology-focused chat room. It was created by Mark Blair, a sociology graduate student.

WWW Virtual Library: Demography and Population Studies.

Lists more than 150 worldwide population resources on the Web, including institutes, government resources, and organizations. The site, which is frequently updated, is maintained by Diana Crow, a programmer for the Demography Program of Australian National University.


Library Resources
Annual Review of Sociology. Palo Alto: Annual Reviews, 1975-.
Covers current issues in the field, evaluating the research and providing citations to important publications.

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice. 4 vols. New York: Macmillan, 1983.
Though dated, this work provides overviews of key topics in the field of criminal justice. For more current information on law enforcement practices, see the Encyclopedia of Police Science, 2nd ed. (New York: Garland, 1995).

Encyclopedia of Social Work.
19th ed. 3 vols. Washington, D.C.: National Association of Social Workers, 1995.

With supplements. Offers substantial articles with bibliographies on subjects such as foster care for children, adolescence, and public health services, as well as short biographies of important figures in the field.

Encyclopedia of Sociology.
4 vols. New York: Macmillan, 1992.

Provides scholarly discussions of such topics as class and race, ethnicity, economic sociology, and social structure. Each article is written by a specialist, and all have excellent bibliographies.

Population Index. Princeton: Office of Population Research, 1935-.
A quarterly index to books, articles, government publications, and conference proceedings containing demographic research. Also included are topical articles, charts, and tables. Entries are arranged in broad subject categories; author and geographic indexes are included.

Sociological Abstracts. San Diego: Sociological Abstracts, 1952-.
The most important bibliography in sociology, indexing more than 1,000 journals. The entries are arranged in broad subjects, and author and subject indexes are included. Available in electronic format as SocioFile.

General Resources

Political Science
Women's Studies


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