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Andre Dubus   (1936-1999)


Vintage Reading Group Center: Andre Dubus

Although Vintage Books has developed this site with book groups in mind, it does offer useful information for the individual student reader as well. Click here for a biography, a bibliography, and a reader's guide to Dancing After Hours, Dubus's short story collection.

Salon Books: Meditations from a Movable Chair

Salon Books: The Fiction of Andre Dubus

Salon Magazine is an exceptional internet magazine for arts, entertainment, health, current events, technology and travel. On the first page, critic Andrew O'Hehir examines Dubus's memoir Meditations from a Movable Chair, in which Dubus considers the automobile accident that changed his life and writing. This site also offers a link to "Brothers," an essay by Dubus originally published in Salon Magazine. Click on the second page for a profile of the author and an assessment of his work as a whole.

/Excerpt/: Interview with Andre Dubus

/Excerpt/ is an online magazine that features quality fiction, poetry, interviews, and nonfiction. In this interview, Dubus discusses the difficulties and joys of writing, and the importance of concentration to the writer.

Andre Dubus (1936-1999) served five years in the Marine Corps, attaining the rank of captain before becoming a full-time writer of short stories. Dubus lived in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and much of his fiction is set in the Merrimack Valley north of Boston.

In 1991, Dubus published a collection of essays entitled Broken Vessels. In part, the book deals with a 1986 accident that changed his life. As he was getting out of his car to aid stranded motorists, he was struck by another car and eventually lost most of one leg and power over the other. Though confined to a wheelchair, Dubus continued to work actively. In 1996, he published his last collection of stories, Dancing After Hours, and in 1998, another volume of essays entitled Meditations from a Moveable Chair.

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