About the Book
The Balance of Conceptual and Computational

In deciding to write a Calculus text, Jon Rogawski felt that no other Calculus text had quite the right balance of informality and rigor for students to understand calculus. He wanted to write a book that was concise and extremely clear, but still preserved the precision of the mathematics so students really understood calculus.

With this exciting new Second Edition, Jon Rogawski has built upon the strengths of his First Edition and taken it to a new level. He has maintained the attention to details with his clear writing and accurateness, as well as highly praised pedagogy, including the “Conceptual Insights,” “Section Summaries,” “Examples,” and wide variety of applications and exercises. And based on feedback received from adopters, reviewers, and students, the Second Edition represents the goal of a reliable, thoughtfully developed Calculus text that balances traditional learning and conceptual understanding to facilitate student success.

One of the most successful new Calculus texts in almost 25 years!

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