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    • Pre-lab videos can save lab instruction time and prepare your students for their lab experience.

      Lab simulations for Chemistry and Biology allow students to practice virtually before entering the lab.

      Digital Interactives familiarize students with important concepts before lab and can be combined with assessments.


    • Lab Simulations for Chemistry and Biology can provide your students with a virtual lab experience in a variety of topics.

    • Lab Simulations for Chemistry and Biology can provide your students with a virtual lab experience in a variety of topics.

    • Custom Lab Manuals in both print and digital formats allow you to tailor your lab manual to fit your lab, complete with custom scientific illustrations to match your lab equipment.

      Interactives can be customized and built to fit your lab course.

      Videos can add additional layers of interactivity to your lab, and can be created featuring your own lab and equipment.

    • Lab Notebooks both print and digital, provide students a place to safely record their data during the lab class.


    • Student-Entered Data Worksheets provide a way for students to do post-lab calculations with their own data. Auto-grading with specific feedback allows for a consistent experience and reduced TA workload.

    • Student-Entered Data Worksheets provide assignments that are auto-graded and students get immediate feedback on their results and analysis as they are completing the lab report.

    • Quizzing in our online course allows for multiple question types that give you flexibility in assessing your students’ understanding of their lab experience.

      Student-Entered Data Worksheets assess data literacy and understanding of key calculations for data analysis.


    • Preview all of our digital lab solutions here including digital lab manuals, student entered data activities, lab simulations and more.

    • Course Administration tools allow you to easily set due dates and update assignments for all lab sections at once.

    • Customer Support includes a knowledge base with common questions and email and phone support through our Customer Support team in Orlando.

Solution options will vary depending on the enrollment of your lab. Please talk to your specialist for more information and to determine the right solution for you.

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