Corequisite Composition

Because every student is a writer.

Seismic changes in approaches to teaching writing have reshaped many developmental English and first-year composition courses across the country. We know these changes continue to result in corequisite models that are as unique as the institutions and the students they serve.

No matter your local context or the shape and label of your corequisite implementation, our goal at Bedford/St. Martin’s remains the same: to help your student writers grow and succeed. To that end, our Achieve solution makes it easy–and affordable–to deliver instruction to your corequisite students. 

Our Solutions

We believe that the best solutions are local. From listening to and learning from instructors of corequisite composition, we know that the student body in every class is unique, as are the characteristics you and your institution add to the shape of your course. So, rather than offer one solution to fit all corequisites, we have a number of flexible tools, publications, and offerings.

Below are a few of our products developed for and used in corequisite composition settings. Our digital learning system, Achieve, offers personalized instruction and targeted practice opportunities to meet and support corequisite students where they are, along with diagnostics to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement, and innovative writing tools to facilitate reflection and revision throughout the writing process.

Achieve is now enabled with multi-course access, meaning your students can enroll in their composition course and their support course at the same time, with no additional fee.

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Our Student Companions complement our texts and provide students with the extra help they need to get or stay on-level, by delivering more in-depth coverage of topics in the text as well as additional practice and assignments. Student Companions are included in Achieve for their corresponding title, and can be packaged in print or e-book format at no additional cost. Contact your representative if you’d like to include a Student Companion with your adopted materials.

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An illustration shows a vector doodle of Corequisite Composition Summer Camp (C C S C) showing icons of a campfire, guitar, flashlight, fish, tree, tent, birds, fishing net, boat, leaves, butterflies, swimming goggles, barbeque, mushrooms, et cetera.

Corequisite Composition
Summer Camp

Corequisite Composition Summer Camp (CCSC) is a virtual professional learning event designed to foster community around the composition course model with corequisite support. During camp, instructors explore practical tools and strategies to use in the corequisite classroom. To date, more than 300 instructors have attended CCSC!

Our goal is to provide a space for instructors involved in corequisite courses to come together. Camp sessions are led by instructors from across the nation, as well as by Macmillan authors, and cover topics on timely themes.

Check our recordings and resources from the 2021 and 2022 Summer Camps, where you can read and hear ideas for what works in corequisite classes, different approaches and models, ideas for assignments, supporting students’ academic skills, and much more!

See all recordings & resources from 2022 camp

See all recordings & resources from 2021 camp

Don’t want to wait until summer to connect with colleagues teaching corequisite composition? Join the conversation now on the Macmillan Instructor Community. (If you already have an instructor account for, you can use the same user credentials to log in to the Community. If you don’t, you’ll need to create a new account and be verified as an instructor. It’s quick!)

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Professional Learning

We offer a variety of Professional Development for Corequisite Composition. Our support of instructors achieve their goals and outcomes. Whether it's teaching workshops, symposia, author visits, or technology training, we continue to offer instructors the tools to transform their teaching. Use the links below to explore and learn more.

Visit the English Events and Engagement Page

Engage with corequisite topics on the English Community. If you already have an instructor account for , you can use the same user credentials to log in to the Community. If you don’t, you’ll need to create a new account and be verified as an instructor. (It’s quick!)

Teaching in the age of Covid: Webinars and Resources

Professional Development Series: Engaging Students to Achieve More

Black History, Black Stories Contest

Coreq Near You:
State-Specific Information

Corequisite courses are all over the map—literally! They vary from state to state, school to school, and even classroom to classroom, and they range from ultra robust to ultra light from long-established to brand new.

The list below represents states in which legislation has been passed around increasing student success. We are sharing what we know, providing a few links to sanctioned websites, but it’s not meant to be exhaustive. Don’t see your state here or have information about your state? We’re working to keep up, and would love to hear from you. Use the button below to contact us.

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Corequisite State Map


Not sure where to begin? Browse this collection of links to projects, groups, and nitty-gritty research articles about acceleration, redesign, and corequisite composition. Also included here are links to professional organizations where you can find articles, journals, research, conferences, and networking events.

All links are provided as a courtesy, and Bedford/St. Martin’s and Macmillan Learning are not affiliated with any of the organizations listed here.