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Proven Student Success


From a Fall 2021 survey of LaunchPad users, with over 150 instructors and over 2200 students responding.


93% of instructors agree that LaunchPad helped their students improve their knowledge of the course material.


91% of students said that LaunchPad was easy to use.


90% of instructors agreed that LaunchPad was a valuable asset for student study and review.

LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzing


Research & Metrics

Reading and rereading or highlighting

Adaptive Quizzing promotes retrieval practice through its unique delivery of questions and point system. Students with a firm grasp on the material get plenty of practice but proceed through the activity relatively quickly. Unprepared students are given more questions, therefore requiring that they do what they should be doing anyway if they’re unprepared—practice some more.

Cramming is NOT an effective way.

Adaptive Quizzing promotes spacing by helping students master smaller chunks of information more frequently over the course of the term. They are accountable to read the book and practice that material over time. Spacing is particularly important for intro courses where students need to master foundational information for their major.

Quizzes don’t provide answer until they are complete

Students get immediate feedback after every question. Not only does this help them retain the information overall, but it also corrects them immediately on any misconceptions or mistakes. Immediate feedback means students are more likely to answer subsequent questions correctly. They don't have to wait until the end of the quiz to learn.

Students have a good handle on their strengths and weaknesses

The system adapts by difficulty level throughout. At the halfway point it adapts based on topic – students begin getting more questions from topics where they are not performing as well. They get an analysis by topic of how well they performed at the topic level, providing insight into areas where they need more practice.

LearningCurve has been used by over 3 million students


The adaptive quizzing feature showed a 90% student satisfaction rating, and was consistently the most popular resource with students.


Adaptive Quizzing accounted for 79% of all student submissions in LaunchPad.



Launchpad ebook showing the Calvin cycle


An interactive e-book brings together the resources students need to prepare for your class, working with the textbook you’ve selected. And for most titles, students can now download the ebook to read offline, or to have read aloud to them.

launchpad  learningcurve


LearningCurve adaptive quizzing offers individualized question sets and feedback for each student based on his or her correct and incorrect responses. All the questions are tied back to the e-book to encourage students to use the resources at hand.

launchpad  quizzing


LaunchPad offers a wealth of quizzing options. Pre-built quizzes are readily available and editable. Instructors can also build their own quizzes from test banks, end of chapter questions, questions they write themselves, and more.

launchpad resource guide to writing


The Resources link gives instructors quick access to carefully developed, book-specific teaching support materials (PowerPoint sets, textbook graphics, lecture and activity suggestions, solutions manuals, test banks, and more).

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launchpad  gradebook


An easy-to-use Gradebook provides a clear window onto performance for the whole class, for individual students, and for individual assignments, to help you to give every student the support they need.

Gradebook Tutorial

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You can work with us to integrate with your campus LMS—including Blackboard, Canvas, D2L/Brightspace, Moodle—or with iClicker Student Response System.

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Hear from Users


What is your favorite part of LaunchPad?

“I absolutely loved Launchpad and how easy it was to navigate. I liked the LearningCurve assignments, and how if you didn't know the answer right away it gave you the option to read the page that the answer was on. Personally, I prefer online textbooks than in hand textbooks. I find them to be more convenient. I genuinely wish more classes used it. It made taking this class a lot easier!”

How has LaunchPad helped improve your grades?

“The Launchpad program is amazing, I wish all my classes used similar programs. I really liked how each chapter is broken into sections, and those sections broken into smaller subsections. This not only made reading the chapters extremely easy, but also helped me stay organized with note taking. The learning curve exercises were my favorite part of launch pad. They really helped me memorize information, and if I happened to forget something it was easy to go back and re-read the section of the book it was in.”


From Instructors

Don Ehlers

Northwest Missouri State

See how Don Ehlers at Northwest Missouri State University radically changed his general psychology class with LaunchPad and LearningCurve.

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Cindee Giffen

University of Michigan

Cindee Giffen from the University of Michigan talked at Tech Ed Week 2016 about how she and her colleagues created a highly structured and customized course design for majors introductory biology using LaunchPad.

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Available within Macmillan Learning’s digital products, iClicker can helpbring your class - in person or virtual - to life and give every student avoice. And it’s a fact that studentconfidence and end of course grades increase with the use of iClicker.

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Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access is a program that ensures that every student has access to their course materials through their LMS on the first day of class.

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