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Hacker Version

Diana Hacker

Diana Hacker taught composition and tutored in the writing center at Prince George's Community College for 35 years. At PGCC, she personally class-tested her handbooks with more than four thousand students.

Stephen A. Bernhardt

Lead coauthor Stephen A. Bernhardt (University of Delaware), an expert in information design, crafted a plan for researching how students search for writing help, reworked print book content for Web presentation, and developed features to enhance the online experience. Follow Steve Bernhardt’s blog posts on Bedford Bits: Ideas for Teaching Composition or learn more about Steve in his video.

Nancy Sommers

Coauthor Nancy Sommers (Harvard University), an award-winning composition scholar and teacher, understands the challenges students face in academic writing situations and offers the skills needed to meet those challenges. Read Nancy Sommers’s online teaching journal on Bedford Bits: Ideas for Teaching Composition or learn more about Nancy in her video.

Lunsford Version

Andrea Lunsford

Andrea Lunsford, former director of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric at Stanford University, is excited about the possibilities for writers in the “literacy revolution” brought about by today’s technology. You can read her “Teacher to Teacher” and “Multimodal Mondays” posts on Bedford Bits: Ideas for Teaching Composition, and you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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